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Building a powerful brand message is the key to attracting clients who are a perfect-fit for your service. But how exactly do you do that? Do you have to sit down and start writing a bunch of messaging from scratch?

Thankfully, no. Creating your messaging doesn’t mean starting from zero. Rather, you’re taking what’s true about you and your business and turning it into a message that is compelling to your target audience.

You start that process by uncovering your brand story. 

First off, what exactly is brand story? Your brand story is simply the unique and powerful story behind your brand. Learn more about the importance of your brand story in this post.

What’s the Point of Your Brand Story?

You might be wondering, in the grand scheme of things, why does this part matter? Why do you need to dig up your brand story and make it a focal point of your messaging?

The answer is CONNECTION.

Your story is the way you connect with your audience. You’re a service-based business owner. That means you’re asking your audience to entrust you with some aspect of their business or life. Yes, they’re purchasing your service—but what they’re really doing is hiring YOU.

If they’re going to do this, they need to feel a connection with you.

Mindset shifts to Make About Your Brand Story

My clients sometimes worry they’re somehow annoying their audience by sharing their story. Here are 2 reasons why that’s not something you need to worry about:

  1. People aren’t paying as close attention to you as you might think they are. Most people don’t see every single thing you post to social media, email you send, or video you post. Your perception might be that you’re sharing a lot—but that’s because you’re the one creating the content.
  2. At the end of the day, this isn’t really about you. If you have a service that’s truly designed to help clients solve a problem, then your messaging is simply your avenue for reaching those clients. If you see it that way, you’ll become less self-conscious about sharing and more concerned about getting your message out to the people who need your help.

3 Steps to Uncovering Your Brand Story

Here are the steps I use in the Build Your Brand Message program to help my clients uncover their brand story:

  1. Discover your unique brand story. We do this by answering questions that delve deep into your business’s story. We touch on everything from your professional background, to the pivotal moments in your business journey, to your core values.

  2. Communicate your brand story. Once we have all those juicy details, it’s time to turn it into a narrative your audience can connect with. This is where I come in with my writing expertise to help you finesse your messaging and make it sparkle.

  3. Craft your unique selling proposition. This is a fancy marketing term for “why people should work with you instead of anyone else.” We hone in on what makes you different and create messaging that draws in your ideal client and shows them exactly why they should hire you.


Ready to build your brand message, so you can attract more perfect-fit clients and grow a business that truly reflects your values? Let’s get to work! Here are some ways you can get started:

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