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Kari, Side Hustle Coach

I was nervous at first to hire a copywriter, but after our initial experience I was confident to hand my brand over to Chelsea. I absolutely loved the results! She nailed my message and brand voice on the first draft and did not need to make any changes. I cannot wait to use her again!

Maria Grace, Photographer

Chelsea looked through my website and evaluated each element to improve my copywriting and SEO. She was extremely thorough, gave feedback quickly, and it was easy to work with her and make the changes she suggested. The whole process was seamless and my website was MUCH better because of her. I would hands-down work with her again in the future!

Jill, Entrepreneur

Working with Chelsea was a delight. She has a gift to ask the right questions, and listen. I felt she unearthed some passion about my project that was in me that I didn't know was there. She is a wonderful communicator, but is focused and deliberate in her delivery. She is a joy to work with, so likable, and made me feel comfortable. Hiring Chelsea gave me assurance that my written message was completed clearly and with heart.

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