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Priscilla Fields, Online Business Manager

Finding Chelsea was a godsend! Not only is she good at what she does, she has a heart of gold and is integral...and that means a lot to me. For 4 pages of copy we only had one hour-long phone call and she asked all the questions she needed to get her job done. We didn't have to go back and forth with emails or meet 100 times! She's super easy to talk to and it felt like I was chatting with a friend. The investment into her services was worth every single dime and I can't wait to share her with my network as a referral. Thank you Chelsea, you're amazing!!

Tianna, Photographer & Coach

I so appreciate that Chelsea takes the time to know her clients DEEPLY in order to communicate their brand voice. I've worked with other copywriters and marketers before and I never felt like they got ME, showcased ME, or TALKED the way I wanted to be portrayed. Chelsea is like having a third arm. She doesn't just throw up pretty words but makes sure those words represent and convey you perfectly. Chelsea has given me so much life back! The time she saves me because I am able to delegate to her writing work allows me to invest more in my business process, client care and most importantly my family!

Glenneth Reed, SEO & Google Ads Specialist

After months of struggling and procrastinating, I hired Chelsea to write the sales page for my Visible Ads Method course. Truly some of the best money I've spent. Her writing was very on brand for me and left me time to focus on the core of my course. Chelsea is super easy to work with and she created an amazing sales page for me - following the template that I wanted to use. Hiring her saved me hours of time (and stress) and I wish I had hired her earlier. I will definitely be using her for future projects.

Avery Ann

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Jordan Turner

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