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Connect With Your Ideal Client & Grow Your Business

Focus your time and energy on the areas of your business that you rock at—not spinning your wheels writing copy.

Consistently book clients who are a perfect fit, so you can grow your business with intention.

Connect with your audience and cultivate a loyal community ready to invest with you.

Get results with professional, on-brand copy

Burning valuable time trying to write your own website copy, when you’d rather be taking care of your clients and growing your business?

Missing out on ideal clients because your message is missing the mark?

Struggling to communicate your brand’s voice and message clearly and consistently?

Can’t find the right words?

Spending hours writing copy that doesn’t get results? Ready to ditch the guesswork, boost your sales and grow your business? I’ve got your back! Let me worry about the words, so you can get back to doing what you love.

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want a website that connects with your perfect-fit clients & helps you consistently book out your service?

I know what it’s like to create a business you love from scratch. My goal is to help amazing business owners like you book more clients who are a perfect fit for your services, so you can continue doing the work you love. I do that by creating copy that tells your story—in YOUR unique voice—and shows your audience exactly why they need you. By combining the voice and style of your brand with my strategic copywriting, we’ll craft a message that resonates with your ideal client, so your business can thrive.

Hey there, I’m Chelsea! I’m a copywriter and coffee addict, passionate about helping service-based entrepreneurs grow their businesses with copy that converts.

meet Chelsea

Jennifer Redden, Quantum Breath Coach

This experience was perfect!! Working with Chelsea was a breeze! She put my soul into my brand and has made my life so much easier!! When I read the copy, I was blown away, almost like—WOW someone sees me, someone gets me!! Thank You!!!

Avery Ann

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Jordan Turner

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get A Done-for-you professional website that reflects your brand's value & voice AND helps you book more ideal clients.

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Jessica Norrell, Project Manager

Working with Chelsea was hands down my best investment this year. I was completely stuck on the launch of my website, and thanks to Chelsea I am able to move forward. In one meeting and a few emails, Chelsea was able to hone in on my specialty and create exactly what I had envisioned. Chelsea was amazing to work with and I will happily recommend her to all my colleagues!

Kat Massetti, REALTOR

Chelsea saved me a considerable amount of time and effort, which for a small business owner is priceless! I have used Chelsea's services for copy on printed marketing material and my website and she impressed me with both. From one virtual meeting, Chelsea captured the essence of what I had been trying to say with my brand and transformed it into a professional, cohesive voice. I highly recommend Chelsea!

Kate Venpin, Website Template Designer

Chelsea did an amazing job working on my brand voice and website copy. The whole process was quick, easy and professional, and it was an absolute pleasure working with Chelsea. I was impressed with how quickly she understood my business and the tone of voice I wanted to achieve. Chelsea was also able to understand what I was trying to say even when I did not, which was a great bonus.

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