About Chelsea

Copywriter for Bold & Passionate Business Owners

Helping you tell your brand story with authenticity

And win over clients with heart


I’ve always been a writer. Ever since I was little, I would write stories and share them with anyone who would listen. As a kid, I took my readers on the adventures of a superhero pig named Oinkmaster. In high school, my focus turned to sharing the adventures of my fellow students and teachers through the school newspaper. Then in college, I explored my (usually wrong) opinions as editor of the online magazine.

Writing is the fire that lights up my soul, and I’ve always known I wanted to make a career of it. That’s where things got tricky. Somewhere along the way, the world handed me the narrative that writing professionally meant I either had to take any writing job I could get—no matter what it was—or be the 1% that got a book deal. And since I didn’t like those odds, I took any writing job I could get. They were fine jobs, and I was good at them, and I was making a living AS A WRITER. So hey, I should be happy, right?

I wasn’t. It turned out writing about things that didn’t light me up was like painting with only the color brown. The fire was dwindling. So, I looked around to see where the passionate business owners were. Who was out there making a living doing what they loved? It turned out they were all around me! They were taking photos, designing websites, selling homes, creating courses, and building communities. They were taking their talents and packaging them for the world, and they were doing it on their OWN terms and in their own beautiful, unique ways. They were solving problems, creating beauty, helping others—all while doing what they loved.

I had two thoughts:

1) I want to do what they’re doing.
2) I want to HELP them do what they’re doing.

So that’s what I do. I help passionate, awe-inspiring entrepreneurs like you build a brand that connects with your audience, so you can grow your business and continue doing what lights up your soul.

Hey there, I’m Chelsea! I’m a copywriter on a mission to help more service-based entrepreneurs grow their businesses with copy that connects & converts.

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Solopreneurs & small business owners

Are we a good fit?!

My clients are:

Who love what they do and care about their clients

Serious about helping others

But they don’t take themselves too seriously & know how to have a good time

Ready to invest in their business

And they trust me to get the job done right

I love working with people who are:





words to live by

“...there is no one else who can do exactly what you do in the way you do it. Your story is yours alone.” - Jen Hatmaker, Of Mess and Moxie


Elizabeth, Business Coach

I LOVE working with Chelsea! She takes my words and creates magic. She's always flexible and easy to work with. I have given her different types of tasks and I'm always so happy with the results!

While I aspire to get it perfect the first round, I know that doesn’t always happen. Each of my copywriting packages includes a round of revisions at no extra cost. Once you review your copy and send me any changes, I’ll make revisions and send you the final draft.

Revisions & Final Copy


Once I understand your goals, the specifics of your business, and your brand personality, I get to work. If I have further questions, you’ll hear from me via email, but otherwise I won’t bug you! You’ll receive the first draft of your copy at least one week before our final deadline.

First Draft


During this meeting, I’ll get to know you and your brand in-depth. This is a FUN meeting where you get to tell me all about your business and your awesome self. We’ll also discuss the purpose of your copy and the results you hope to see after hiring me.

Brand Discovery Meeting


Here’s what you can expect when you work with me:

My Simple Process


Q: Are revisions included?
A: I know I won’t always get everything right on the first try, so I include one set of revisions with every copywriting service I provide! Additional revisions will incur an hourly charge, but don’t worry—most of my clients are ready to publish their first draft.

Q: Do you offer payment plans?
A: Yes, I offer payment plans. I will do my best to create a payment plan to accommodate your needs.

Q: How would you describe your writing style?
A: My writing style is approachable, straightforward and practical. I always strive to make a solid connection with the audience and deliver a clear, concise message. If you would like examples of my writing style, I encourage you to check out my blog and my social media pages. 

Q: How do you incorporate my brand’s voice into my copy?
A: I get to know each of my clients and familiarize myself with their brand before I ever write any of their copy. When you are ready to work with me, we’ll have a meeting where we discuss your needs, and you tell me your story in your own words. By chatting with you and checking out your website and social media pages, I’ll pick up on your style, voice and tone. This allows me to create copy in a voice that sounds authentic to you.

Got Questions?


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