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Struggling to Send a Consistent Brand Message? It’s Time to Build Your Brand Voice

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Feel like your business’s messaging is all over the place?

If you feel that way, chances are your audience does too.

Sure, you’ve got a business—you’re working, you’re serving clients. But you aren’t consistently sharing a clear vision that is resonating with your target audience.

Maybe you have a lot of ideas, but you don’t feel like you have a uniform message, or a strategy for how to share it in a way that will help you convert more perfect-fit clients.

You might be blogging or sending emails, or posting regularly to social media. But here’s the thing: you can be doing all those things—checking the right marketing boxes—and still not have a cohesive message and a clear voice for your brand.

If you’re having a hard time articulating a consistent message to your audience, it could be because you haven’t taken the time to define your brand voice.


Build Your Brand Voice & Start Sending a Clear & Consistent Message

In my Build Your Brand Voice workbook, I take you through the step-by-step process of defining your brand voice. Here’s how that process helps you create clarity and consistency in your messaging—which in turn helps you build a more credible brand.

  1. Outline your mission statement and core values. Getting clear on these fundamentals will help you stay on track with your messaging.

  2. Identify your ideal client persona. Having a solid understanding of who your ideal client is will help you tailor your messaging to their needs.

  3. Create your voice characteristics. These characteristics will reflect your values, personality, and your ideal client persona.

  4. Create a brand voice chart. This chart will outline how each characteristic should come through in your messaging.

  5. Build a foundation for your voice. Start creating a consistent voice by determining key pieces of your voice, such as the way you address your audience and how you phrase your calls to action.



Ready to build your brand voice and start sending a clear and consistent message to your audience? Download the Build Your Brand Voice workbook here! Want some guidance as you build your brand voice? You can purchase the workbook + a 30-minute call with me here.

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