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How to Communicate Your Value & Convert More Ideal Clients

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You can’t get far into creating your brand messaging before coming across the question of value. The value of your service is the specific, tangible result your clients will experience when they work with you. Thus, communicating the value of your service requires you to ask this question:

Why should your ideal client hire you?

You might say, “Well, there are a lot of answers to that question.” I’m sure there are! But here’s the thing: you have to be able to answer this question in like, 3 seconds. Listen, this is nothing against your ideal client, but here’s the reality: if she can’t easily understand the value of working with you, she will probably continue her quest to find someone who can help solve her problem.

4 Steps for Communicating the Value of Your Service

So, how do you communicate your value to your ideal client? Here are 4 basic steps to take.
Note: I say ideal client here, not audience, because you may have an audience full of lots of different types of people. However, you want to make sure you are communicating your value specifically to the people who are READY TO HIRE YOU NOW.

  1. KNOW WHO YOU’RE SPEAKING TO. You’ll be hard pressed to communicate your value to your ideal clients if you don’t know exactly what their problems, goals and needs are. People generally don’t buy things just because they sound good in theory. They respond to solutions that directly address their deepest and most pressing pain points. If you aren’t sure what those pain points are, go back and talk to your clients who have had the best experience with you. Find out exactly what their struggle was before they found you, and exactly what their results were afterward.
  2. LEAD WITH THE RESULT. Once you know exactly what result your solution provides for your ideal client, you’ve got your value proposition. Lead with it. It should be in the headline on your website, the statement on your Instagram bio, and everywhere else your brand is visible. Remember, we’re talking about the most important result your service provides to your ideal client. I can’t stress this enough: this result WILL NOT resonate with everyone. In fact, there will be lots of people who see your value proposition and will immediately go, “not for me.” That’s totally fine. You want it to resonate with the people who are ready to hire you RIGHT NOW. You can only do that by honing in on their specific pain points, and showcasing a solution that will get them the result they’re craving.
  3. PROVIDE THE PROOF. You simply can’t overstate the impact of actual results from real clients. The proof really is in the pudding. No matter what YOU say about your service, the words of people who have actually gone through your process and experienced success will always carry more weight. Put those testimonials out there. Ask for reviews. Share the data. People want to buy solutions that have already been tested for effectiveness.
  4. TALK ABOUT YOUR VALUE—A LOT. I know, this is the worst part. You feel like a broken record. You feel like you’re talking yourself up nonstop. But try thinking about it this way instead: demonstrating the value of your service is a way of helping your audience see how their lives could be improved by working with you. It’s not about YOU, or your business or even your service. It’s about helping your client. Also… you’d be surprised how many people follow you—especially on social media—and still don’t know exactly what you do or how you can help them! Make it abundantly clear, so that when they’re ready for the results you provide, it’s a no-brainer.


The Cost of Failure to Communicate

So, are you really communicating the value of your service? Or are you beating around the bush, because you’re worried about coming off too pushy or salesy? Remember: part of your job as a service-based entrepreneur is to sell your service. It won’t sell itself! So don’t hesitate to share the value you provide with your service. Failing to communicate your value will not just hurt your business—it will hurt the very people who NEED what you have to offer.

Not sure exactly what to specialize in to meet the needs of your ideal client? Check out my post on differentiating yourself in a crowded marketplace.

Need help getting into your ideal client’s head and crafting a message that helps you book perfect-fit clients for your services? I’ve got your back! Get in touch with me today to talk about my brand copy services!

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