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The Chelsea Sherman Blog

So, it’s been nearly a year since this website went live. Nearly a year, and I have nine blog posts to show for it. NINE. It’s not like I’ve done nothing at all this year. It’s been a great year. We moved, we went on vacations, I did plenty of work for my clients. But […]

If you have some experience with the Bible, you probably know that Jesus has set forth a pretty clear purpose for people: love God, love one another. So simple in theory, actually rather difficult in practice. As it turns out, when Jesus told us to love one another, he wasn’t just talking about people who […]

“I used to think you had to be special for God to use you, but now I know you simply need to say yes.” Bob Goff, Love Does Last month, I had the incredible privilege of traveling to Africa with my team at All We Are. It was an unforgettable experience serving with my friends, […]

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