That Thing That Matters to You—Are You Doing it?

The Kitchen Table

So, it’s been nearly a year since this website went live. Nearly a year, and I have nine blog posts to show for it. NINE.

It’s not like I’ve done nothing at all this year. It’s been a great year. We moved, we went on vacations, I did plenty of work for my clients. But the thing I was most excited about at the end of last year was finally, finally creating a space to share my heart with the world, and I did that… nine times.

This isn’t a beat myself up post. But it is a tough love post—for myself, and for anyone else reading this who might be in a similar boat.

Here’s what I believe: The things I have to say are important. They’re in my head and on my heart for a reason, and I’d hate for a huge chunk of my life to go by without having put those little pieces of me into words.

So today, I’m making a commitment. Come hell or high water, I’ll be putting a piece of me into words once a week, here at the kitchen table (or my new office. It’s cute, right?). Yikes. Well, I said it now. Here’s to the internet holding me accountable.

What about you, friend? What piece of yourself do you owe to the world, that you’re holding back from? Art? Music? A brilliant idea? A passion project? How would you feel if five more years went by, or 10 more, or 20 more, and you still hadn’t brought it to life?

I’m not trying to be dramatic. It’s just that none of us knows how much time we have to give the best of ourselves to the world. If you’re like me—sitting on that thing that you’re meant to do, suppressing that itch inside you because you just don’t have the time or the resources or the motivation to do it yet—may I just offer you a gentle nudge? Not a forceful push or a shouty Sunday morning message—just a nudge. Don’t wait to do the thing you’re dying to do. Because life happens and time passes and before you know it, another year will have gone by and you’ll still be sitting on that lovely thing, and nobody will have seen it or loved it or been moved by it.

I believe that itch inside you to bring your beautiful thing into the world is God-breathed. It’s persistent and achy in all the right ways because it’s meant to come forth. It’s meant to help, to heal, to encourage, to free—even if the only person it frees is you.

If you’re sitting on something important today, I hope you’ll join me in committing to it—even if that commitment is just a small step in the grand picture. Commit to starting, and find someone to hold you accountable. Life is better when you’re doing what you were created to do, alongside those who believe in the beauty you possess. 

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