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I’m currently going through Jen Hatmaker’s book/social experiment 7 with a friend (definitely check it out if you haven’t yet) and this month’s challenge has been particularly convicting for me. The premise is simple: choose seven items of clothing to wear for the month. See what it’s like to live with less. I decided to modify […]

On Sunday, the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, Texas held its first church service since a gunman entered the sanctuary and opened fire on the congregation. Its first service since 25 people, including the pastor’s daughter, were ruthlessly murdered within the walls of a place of worship. Where gunfire rained down on innocent people […]

I’m not sure when it became expected that women have it all together at all times. Maybe it was back in the 50s when characters like June Cleaver portrayed the ideal woman as a heel-wearing, meal-cooking, house-cleaning, child-rearing Stepford queen. Or maybe it goes back further than that. Perhaps someone told Martha her house wasn’t […]

I bought my kitchen table secondhand off of Craigslist. It only came with three chairs, which I figured was fine since I planned to push one side of the table up against a wall anyway. The table was dark wood with some obvious signs of wear, but we were a family with one kid and […]

Welcome, friend. If you’re here, I want to thank you for choosing to be here, or for accidentally stumbling upon this because of some magic trick of SEO my website designer whipped up. Either way, welcome. If we know each other personally, hi again. You know what you’re in for. If we don’t, I’m not […]

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