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Here's the resume part: I’m Chelsea Sherman, freelance writer and storyteller. I hold a BA in English and an MA in Strategic Communication. I have worked in marketing and communications for several organizations. I have also worked as a writer and editor for a few publications. When I had my second child, I decided to dial back from full-time work to focus on freelancing. My portfolio has some examples of work I’ve done if you’re interested in that.

Here’s the rest: I’m a lover of all stories, but my favorite by far is the original love story—the one where the Creator of the Universe redeems His beloved through the cross. Above all else, I’m saved by grace, loved fiercely by my heavenly father, and called to live my life as a reflection of that grace. My greatest blessing is my family: my husband Jake and my kids Emma and Isaac. I write for a living and because it gives me life. I enjoy Crossfit and yoga, and dance will always be in my DNA. My love language is coffee and doughnuts. I attempt some domestic duties, but I’d rather turn on the Roomba and go out to brunch any day. I believe in living out faith tangibly, and I devote as much time as I can to serving my local community, as well as the incredible global nonprofit I have the privilege of working with (check out All We Are—it's amaaaazing, but I’m biased). My door is always open—loving on people in my messy house and my messy bun is my jam.

My life is far from perfect and I’ll tell you all about it if you ask. I believe in transparency and I don’t really do subtlety well. I love my people SO MUCH, but I’m also an introvert and I need my space sometimes or God help us all. I believe in love and grace and forgiveness, and I am a living testament to the fact that the broken bits of our stories are often what make our lives so beautiful in the long run.

To our shared story,